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We are EldLabs

EldLabs in short

Core Focus Areas

CTO as a Service,
Product as a Service &
Team as a Service

We Are At Your Service!

We aim to support our customers in digital transformation. This is to simplify their everyday lives and to create safe and innovative solutions for a sustainable future by supporting their digital transformation.
Research & Technology
We are a Research & Development company for scaling and improving development for Product-based Companies.
Team as a Service
We have methods and processes in place to put together self-organizing teams, that we can quickly ramp up and downsize while maintaining excellent delivery quality.
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Systems & Architecture

Everything needed

Build and architect big & small solutions

The pillars of this area are built on long-lasting theories applied in creative ways.

A well-designed architecture supports its own progression. Software development involves many aspects and cross-disciplinary discussions. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Quality & Security

Quality and security in system

Solutions are integrated with quality and security

Testing the expected must be our first step.

Quality starts at the beginning and interacts with every other part of the process. Making sure to keep this at the forefront of the whole team is key.

Data & Intelligence

Gathering data

Data & Intelligence is concerned with all ideas

Apply machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to draw conclusions

With the rapid evolution of technology, structuring and organizing data for business performance is becoming a big industry. This allows us to make some really powerful assumptions.

People & Teams

Building empowered teams

Leading people is a key ingredient to success

Ways of working, leadership, planning, and management.

Extending beyond requires interaction between individuals and planning, as well as organizing people around product development efforts.

Strategic Partners

Technical competencies

Microsoft Azure
React Native
SQL Databases
Type Script
.NET Core
Agile Frameworks
Amazone AWS


Violgången 4, 235 93, Gessie Villastad

[email protected]

+46 707 - 14 65 78

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